13 Superstitions, 2009

Chip board, hand set type, relief prints using copper wire and ball chain

13 Superstitions is a set of 13 letterpress postcards in a self mailing box and is handset in Baskerville & Bank Gothic Medium No.12 with borders printed from copper wire and ball chain. All thirteen superstitions are from the Encyclopedia of Superstitionsby Edwin & Mona A. Radford, Published in 1949 by the Philosophical Library in New York. Fourteen sets of postcards were printed in an effort to make visiting the mailbox more fun. Support your local P.O., buy stamps.

Edition of 14


Album: Epworth Park, 2009

Wet-plate collodion positive transparencies on mica, handmade abaca paper, book cloth, embossed cover

4 ½ “ x 4” x 6 ¼ “ closed/ 13 ½ “ x 4” x 12 ½ “ open

My work is steeped in nostalgia, both in the subject matter and the processes and materials I choose to work with. This book is about the once vibrant Victorian summer cottage park I grew up across the street from in a very tiny town in Ohio. It is as much about the history of that place as it is of my fond childhood memories there. It seemed only appropriate to use a photographic medium that was popular in that era and choose a structure that evokes the popular photo albums of the era.

Edition of 10


Bookworm, 2010

Handmade abacca paper, UICB Flax case paper, linen thread, linoleum prints

Edition of 17

Duplicate, 2010

Chip board, digital print on printer paper, found stamp, magnet

Variable Edition of 15

Points of View, 2010

Handmade flax/abacca paper, handmade abacca paper, mica, book cloth, linen thread, mother of pearl button

3 ¾ “ x 4” x 5” closed/ 16” x 4” x 12 ½” open

Windows let light and fresh air in. They can also be closed and keep the world out. They simultaneously offer a view of the outside world and a glimpse into someone else's life. Where you are standing in front of that window, on the outside or the inside, whether it is opened or closed, represents a point of view which can be deceptively simple, yet is, in reality, very layered and very complex.

One of a kind

A Scroll Through the Park, 2010

Scroll/Artist Book/Handmade Cotton paper with watermarks, handmade black denim half stuff paper, linen thread, ribbon

4” x 2 ¾ “ x 4” scroll form/ 14 ½ “ x 2 ¾” x 4 “ unrolled

A Scroll Through the Park is a nostalgic look at my fond childhood memories playing in the park across the street from my house. Each page represents a different aspect of those carefree days running free with not a care in the world. It seems I am forever trying to recapture what was a slower pace and simpler, more tranquil and lighthearted life.

Edition of 32


A Small Squall, 2010

Hand cut paper, book cloth, ribbon, embossed cover

Winter has always been my favorite season. Every gently falling snowflake from the sky brings with it increasing excitement about the anticipated accumulation and possible snow days accompanied by sledding, building snowmen, and many other delightful snowy activities. On a symbolic level, snow represents coldness and hardness in human nature, but the individuality and fragile beauty of a single snowflake symbolizes truth and wisdom. It is the coming together of many individuals in a seemingly chaotic manner that finally create an atmosphere of serenity, peace, and tranquility that blankets the ground along with the snow. 

One of a Kind